Games by AJA

A Thread Through Reality

The Fabric of Reality has been torn! When a mysterious fractal creature invades her peaceful evening, Susan the Seamstress has no choice but to go on an adventure to save her reality before all time periods mix with each other, and reality collapses altogether.

Note for Mac users: you may need to right click on the app and choose "Open" from the context menu to get past Apple's unable-to-check-for-malware warning on the first run. The game is, of course, malware free. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Download for:

Size: 210 MB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Date: 2022-07-07

Radiant Miss Marie and the Clock That Stopped Ticking

Miss Marie is trying to find her long lost sister at a mysterious clock factory.

Created in six days by a team of four.

Download for Windows

Size: 32 MB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Date: 2015-07-14

Barely Floating

Somewhere along the east coast of Africa, pirates have attacked a luxury yacht! They have taken a few seemingly wealthy passengers as their hostages, a family and an old man, hoping to collect a hefty ransom for each of them. When the hostage negotiations go awry, the rescue duties land on the weak shoulders of an unlikely hero. Little does he know that the ship’s crew, that stands in his way, is composed of some very weird and silly individuals.

Made for the AGS Summerbatch collection in 2012, and released as freeware in 2013. The game was made in approximately six months by a team of six people. See the Making of Podcast for more information.

  • Point & Click Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Fully Animated Characters
  • 720p Resolution
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 2-3 Hours of Playtime


Download for Windows

Size: 161 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Date: 2012-08-11


A short game made for the seventh One Room One Week Competition. A Chinese peasant called Wu has to overcome the Great Barrier of China in order to get to a girl called Mei.

Download for Windows

Size: 8 MB
Resolution: 640x400
Date: 2011-08-28

By the Numbers

A short game made for the sixth One Room One Week Competition. The investigation of a wave of kidnappings is going nowhere. One day someone claiming to be an eyewitness to one of the kidnappings approaches the local police department. It's time to find out what he knows... A short making of video (including bloopers!) is available here.

Download for Windows

Size: 19 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Date: 2010-08-03

How Many...

A short game made for the fifth One Room One Week Competition. A light bulb dies and you have to replace it. Sounds simple? Well, that's when everything starts to go wrong...

Download for Windows

Size: 4 MB
Resolution: 320x240
Date: 2008-07-02

The Heist

A short game made for the fourth One Room One Week Competition. Your job is to steal valuable jewelry from the Marmous Manor.

Download for Windows

Size: 18 MB
Resolution: 640x400
Date: 2006-06-05

24 Hours

A short game made for the third One Room One Week Competition. In this game you have 24 hours to write an essay for school.

Download for Windows

Size: 2 MB
Resolution: 320x200
Date: 2006-01-31

Alone in the Night

A short game made for the second One Room One Week Competition. Your goal is to escape from a haunted house.

Download for Windows

Size: 5 MB
Resolution: 320x200
Date: 2005-08-05

The Search demo²

A man is kidnapped and you are sent to investigate the case. This version is just a bit longer than the demo that was released a long, long time ago, so don't expect too much.

Download for Windows

Size: 3 MB
Resolution: 320x200
Date: 2004-??-??